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{ Tests }

What Piece of Jrock Anatomy are You?

OOooh. I'm Mana's Skinny Chicken Legs!
Alles kla oO.. +Mana-hasserin desu+

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Which Member of Dir en grey Would You Likely Bang?

Even though the clock turns backwards, I'm gonna bang Kaoru!
Err... ich hasse Kaoru.. ~~

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Whose Pants Would You Steal?

You'd steal Gackt's pants--if you can fight him for them.
Ich glaub die verkauf ich.. >D

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What Piece of Kyoanatomy are You?

You are Kyo's eyes!
YEEESS!! %DDD +luv his eyes+

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What kind of Angel are u?

Elemental Angel!
you're the Angel who controls elements, air, water, light darkness, you're a good servant and u're very powerfull!
I don't think so..

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What kind of killer are you?

You're a gunner, you love guns and you use them if you have to kill someone.
You don't kill so much, only to protect your life or your beloved's.
your protective, wild, fun to be around and you love your friends.
Richtich o,o

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New Insanity Test! (by me)

Funny insanity!!
you're the funny insane, the one who is someway crazy but not in a bad way.
you're carying, playful, fun to be around and you care of your friends
Yay xDDD dann wirds wohl so sein >D

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